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Rappa Ternt Sanga (Intro)



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Bài hát rappa ternt sanga (intro) do ca sĩ T-pain thuộc thể loại Pop. Tìm loi bai hat rappa ternt sanga (intro) - T-pain ngay trên Nhaccuatui. Nghe bài hát Rappa Ternt Sanga (Intro) chất lượng cao 320 kbps lossless miễn phí.
Ca khúc Rappa Ternt Sanga (Intro) do ca sĩ T-Pain thể hiện, thuộc thể loại Pop. Các bạn có thể nghe, download (tải nhạc) bài hát rappa ternt sanga (intro) mp3, playlist/album, MV/Video rappa ternt sanga (intro) miễn phí tại NhacCuaTui.com.

Lời bài hát: Rappa Ternt Sanga (Intro)

Lời đăng bởi: nct.phongdq

Ay, that's how it go man
That's how it go man
Ay man I know y'all feelin' like [Incomprehensible]
And I'm right here, I ain't going nowhere [Incomprehensible] *** I'm just a Rappa Ternt Sanga man
I'm just a Rappa Ternt Sanga man
I'm a Rappa Ternt Sanga man
Don't even worry 'bout it Ay, naw let me tell you a little story
About this young Rappa man
***, from the start in his heart
He had a pass in the same Put a pass in it mane
Rappa producer, a whole stack of thangs
And then one day he said to himself
You know a man has to change So now he a Rappa, a Sanga, a danca, a romancer
Man cancer can't be way more to serious
I'm tryin' drop this real but they ain't hearin' this, they fearin' this
Used to all that *** they hear on the radio I bet I can stay here or somebody
And they gone play me though
So we came up, not givin' a ***
What a nigga gotta say 'bout Pain Got niggas lil' ladies droppin' they panties
Smackin' they fannies, sayin' his name
So I'm playin' the game they want me to play
Sayin' everything they want me to say And I promised home boy
If I get back to this rappin'
It won't be today ain't got time
For the rap ***, bap *** Make a hand clap ***
Nappy, nappy, nappy mo' nap ***
That *** second, this *** first
That *** harder, this *** worse And this *** curse me
And it hurts me to let it go
But I gotta come back to the sack
To let these otha niggas know That it's another side of Teddy
Another dub side on the Machetti
A ***ing prime spot on the Chevy
The situation gets heavy So find it in yo heart
To let me put this gang bangin' *** away
I've made it up in my mind that I'ma change today
A Rappa Ternt Sanga