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Bài hát maybe one day do ca sĩ J-reyez, Jay Park thuộc thể loại Au My Khac. Tìm loi bai hat maybe one day - J-reyez, Jay Park ngay trên Nhaccuatui. Nghe bài hát Maybe One Day chất lượng cao 320 kbps lossless miễn phí.

Lời bài hát: Maybe One Day

Lời đăng bởi: nhaccuanhat

J-Reyez – Maybe One Day (feat. Jay Park)
Release Date: 2011 Jan 21


(verse 1)
my name is J.Reyez, yup the korean guy
I represent the Asians, we all chinky-eyed
so hot, I ain’t trying to be lukewarm
trying to get a deal that involves no coupons
they label me cuz I’m tatted up
they be hating me, I laugh and grab my nuts
when they hear the kid flow they’re like damn son
I didn’t know that his country made Samsung
carry on, type it in my blackberry phone
kid from Ontario, heard through your stereos
and I’m very gone, far from this galaxy
nahh you ain’t matching me, not in my faculty
do you, if you ain’t like me then screw you
we all gotta buzz bzzzz all off of youtube?
you think you’re the sh*t? go ahead and prove it
middle finger to the haters, dueces
get my money up, they trying to take me down
I’m not about the flash, I’m just trying to make it out
get my money up, and you can hate me now
but I’ma still do my thing and get my money up
maybe one day I can say that I’m ballin’
one day I can say that I’m ballin’
maybe one day I can say that I’m ballin’
one day I can say that I’m ballin’
(verse 2)
the game is a maze and I am amazing
I’m so correct so don’t be mistaken
music is music, ugh if I’m asian
rappers that are underground, stuck in the basement
I’m trying to make money, stop living poor
not satisfied, nope gotta gimme more
that’s my attitude, haters I ain’t mad at you
internet gangstas, just ain’t compatible
with the real world so the realest all laugh at you
keyboard attacking who? man I feel bad for you
I feel gratitude, love for the fans
skill and knowledge on a track, no exams
forget about the past, everyday’s a new day
America, Australia, all the way to UK
and you know I can’t forget about Canada
I’ma run the damn country, stamina
(verse 3)
when I’m strolling by, all the girls inside
man they multiply, hoping I might have an open eye
take ‘em home tonight, flow ghostly like a poltergeist
so fresh, I got wings, man I’m known to fly
I ain’t talking ’bout crying when I say that I’m bawling
don’t care if muf*#@kaz hate the way that I’m walking
way that I’m talking, way that I rock sh*t
you don’t got the answers when you say I’m a problem
case closed, I’m next right after J.Cole
game over b*tch, I just sunk in the 8 ball
got more bars than the great wall, I hit ‘em high
so stay low, I smell fishy sh*t cuz Jay nose (knows)
you can’t hustle a hustla, I’m bustin’ these bustas
as far as suckin’ I’ll leave that up to you suckas
life’s a gamble and I’m all in
maybe one day? nah I’m already ballin’ haha

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